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Your Guide to Pre-Paid Legal

– “Why do I Need Pre-Paid Legal?”

If you ask this question then ask these as well…

– Is Life Insurance worth it?
– Is Health Insurance worth it?
– Is Car Insurance worth it?
– Is Dental Insurance worth it?

We prepay monthly for things “Just In Case” something happens. So, not only is prepaid legal worth your monthly payment, at $26/mo it is most likely your least expensive. One great benefit with prepaid legal is that you get unlimited phone conversations with a lawyer that specializes in the area of law you are needing when you call.

Here’s what you will go through if you need to talk to a lawyer and you don’t have prepaid legal…

1. First check for referrals from friends and family
2. Look in the yellow pages for a lawyer that can help with your specific case
3. Google the lawyer you found and make sure he does not have any really bad things against them
4. Call and find out if you can get a free consultation
5. If its free you will be able to talk to them and hope they will help you

Now if you have a question after the free consultation then you go back and now they may or may not charge you to talk to them again.

This is what you go through if your a prepaid legal member…

1. Pull out your membership card and call your provider law firm
2. Explain the situation you have and wait for a call back
3. A Lawyer that specializes in the area of law you need will call you back within a specified amount of time and will help you.

If you have a question after you hang up, repeat steps 1-3 above for prepaid legal members, NO Charge!

That’s just 1 benefit. If you want to learn more visit My Site


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